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Smile For The Camera

Monday, July 21, 2014

Your mother has had a good life, even though the sex is wanting.

Fortunately, your parents live in a mixed neighborhood, and the word is around that your mom gives great head.  The look on this nigger's face tells you that she does good work, and you know she swallowed his hot load of black jizz.

Your mom is a nigger lover, and she's not sorry.

Strict Parenting

Does strict parenting work?

Her parents didn't allow her to date or even talk to boys when she was in middle school, and it didn't get any better in high school. Her computer and phone were monitored every day, and her parents were intent on keeping their little girl sweet and pure and innocent.

And then she turned 18 and met a boy named Jamal.

No Chance

One of the guys below has no chance. None at all.

Dakota James

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Dakota James looks so pure, so perfect, so amazing -- and that's why seeing her defiled by a nigger is so fucking hot.

Jason Brown nails this pretty young cunt good, and when you see her spread her legs, you know it's nigger dick she wants and needs.

Whitebois Hate This

When a white girl meets a nigger, it's all over.

Whitebois Know

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Whitebois know what makes their white girlfriends happy. Get a nigger for your gf today.

Send That Pic

This nigger knows his bruhs will love seeing the latest bitch he nailed.

Look at the ASS on that slut! Christ, only a muthafuckin nigger could take care of that properly. Black dick always goes viral.